Ripe Cuisine is a healthy, locally sourced, seasonally inspired food truck offering a 100% fully plant-based, vegan menu in Houston, Texas. The truck is always on the move feeding the streets of Houston and is available for private events and catering. The Ripe Cuisine Food Truck is the only all-vegan food truck in Houston, making it a truly unique dining experience. Natural Foods Chef and Owner, Stephanie Hoban, is also a Registered and Licensed Dietitian, and crafts every dish rooted in balanced nutrition, utilizing whole, plant-based ingredients with global influences, and innovative twists on ‘traditional’ vegetarian cuisine. From salads and soups, veggie burgers, Tex-Mex classics, and even ice cream, there’s something for everyone to love.

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A Short History: From Food Blog to Food Truck

Ripe Cuisine began in 2010 when Stephanie Hoban, chef and owner, began blogging her vegan recipes to showcase her passion for both nutrition and cooking. Most of the recipes focused on re-creating classically “un-vegan” dishes into new “veganized” healthy versions or providing novel recipes for different ways to eat whole, plant-based foods.  Through sharing her recipes, Stephanie aimed to inspire ones to try a new foods, a new way to cook them, and overall broaden their diet in a healthy way. After recognizing the need for nutritious, flavorful, and plant-based food options in Houston, and a mere year later after launching the blog, the Ripe Market Cafe was born, a bi-weekly pop-up cafe held at Urban Harvests Farmers Markets. What was a natural extension of the recipes posted on the Ripe Cuisine blog quickly became the framework for what is today the Ripe Cuisine Food Truck.

What does it mean to Stay Ripe? 

After several weeks of brainstorming what to call her blog, Stephanie awoke in the middle of the night with one word on her mind – Ripe. The food served at Ripe Cuisine is food that will support a healthy mind, body, and planet. The food is fresh, locally sourced and seasonally inspired; It’s nutritionally sound, deliciously crafted plant based cuisine. Ripe Cuisine is all about eating with a purpose, so that you can Stay Ripe.

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