Food Truck Menu


Bistro Burger local wheat bun, organic lentil-mushroom patty, organic arugula, tomato, roasted red pepper aioli, cashew ‘chevre’, balsamic caramelized onions, housemade pickles $10
contains wheat (bun), organic soy (tamari, miso), nuts (walnut, cashew), sesame 
Caprese Melt local sourdough, basil pesto, tomato, cashew ‘mozzarella’, organic arugula $9.50
contains wheat (bread), organic soy, cashew, pinenut
Reuben Redoux  10 spiced ‘corned’ organic local tempeh, Russian slaw, chickpea- sauerkraut spread, garlic ‘aioli’, &  housemade pickles on toasted local marble rye $10
contains wheat (bread), soy (soybeans, tamari)
Beet Falafel Plate organic chickpea – beet falafel (3) served over golden hummus with housemade tahini sauce, organic spinach cucumber quinoa salad, sesame seeds, dill, pickled radish $9.25 {GF} 
contains sesame


Week of Oct 8th
La Bella walnut crusted portobello with baby spinach, tomato, sautéed bell peppers,
caramelized red onion hummus, Worcestershire aioli, housemade olive tapenade on local ciabatta roll $10
Week of Oct 15th
Red Curry Cauliflower Soup red thai curry spiced creamy cauliflower soup with roasted cauliflower florets,
pickled mustard seeds and radish $7.75 {GF}
*substitute Gluten Free bread $1.50 or Gluten Free bun $2.00

Add avocado to any entree $1.25 


Sweet Potato Fries handcut local organic sweet potatoes served with housemade organic ketchup (no sugar added – sweetened with organic raisins!) $4.00 {GF}

Kale Salad massaged local kale, organic tahini-maple dressing, candied organic sunflower seeds $3.50 {GF}


Agua Fresca local fruit infused spring water {sugar free!} $2 {GF}

Lavender Lemonade local lavender, organic lemon juice, organic agave nectar, spring water $4.00 {GF}


*only available Saturdays at the Urban Harvest Farmers Market

Avocado Toast local whole grain sourdough flax seed toast, mashed avocado, sun-dried tomato pesto, local tomatoes, red chili flake $9.25

Sunflower Avocado Toast  local whole grain sourdough flax seed toast, cilantro-avocado mash, local sprouted sunflower seeds, tahini sauce, pickled mustard seeds $9.25

Chilaquiles  smoked + pulled jackfruit sauteed with housemade salsa verde, poblano peppers, red onion & spinach, served over crispy housemade corn chips with cashew ‘crema’, red onion and roasted corn and creamy black beans  $10 {GF}

Bandito Burrito flour tortilla stuffed with  black and red kidney beans, lime organic quinoa, sauteed spinach + bell peppers, and organic tofu ‘scramble’, smothered in spicy ranchero sauce and cashew ‘crema’ $9.25

Spiced Pumpkin Oatmeal  organic rolled oats + quinoa flake, pumpkin, warming spiced, organic maple syrup, and rice milk topped with chia seeds, walnuts, and raisins $6.50 {GF}

Gluten Free Baked Doughnuts organic brown rice + organic oat flour based baked doughnut – flavors vary   1 for $2.75 /2 for $5 {GF}

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  1. I had the carrot cake doughnut today @ the Urban Harvest Farmers Market & it was AMAZING!!!! Cannot wait to try the bandito burrito next weekend!

  2. Thanks so much for bringing delicious, plant based food to NASA! I had the Beet Falafel, Kale salad and Lavender Lemonade. They all were very delicious!

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