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Bistro Burger local wheat bun, organic lentil-mushroom patty, organic arugula, tomato, roasted red pepper aioli, cashew ‘chevre’, balsamic caramelized onions, housemade pickles $10
contains wheat (bun), organic soy (tamari, miso), nuts (walnut, cashew), sesame 
Caprese Melt local sourdough, basil pesto, tomato, cashew ‘mozzarella’, organic arugula $9.50
contains wheat (bread), organic soy, cashew, pinenut
Reuben Redoux  10 spiced ‘corned’ organic local tempeh, Russian slaw, chickpea- sauerkraut spread, garlic ‘aioli’, &  housemade pickles on toasted local marble rye $10
contains wheat (bread), soy (soybeans, tamari)
Beet Falafel Plate organic chickpea – beet falafel (3) served over golden hummus with housemade tahini sauce, organic spinach cucumber quinoa salad, sesame seeds, dill, pickled radish $9.25 {GF} 
contains sesame


Week of Sept 17th
Hercules Salad organic spring mix + spinach with English cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, grilled artichokes, marinated organic tofu ‘feta’, roasted asparagus, red onion, organic barley, organic lemony-french green lentils, toasted walnuts, fried capers with a herbed-tahini dressing   $10 {GF}
Week of Sept 24th 
Krabby Patty artichoke-jackfruit ‘crab’ cake burger, garlic ‘aioli’, organic spring mix, tomato, red onion, housemade dill pickles, sweet herb-tahini dressing, marinated tofu ‘feta’, crispy capers, local wheat buns $10.25
Week of Oct 1st 
Mumbai Sliders two curry spiced sweet potato-butternut squash veggie burgers with cilantro chutney, spicy mayo, spinach, and caramelized red onions on slider buns $10
*substitute Gluten Free bread $1.50 or Gluten Free bun $2.00

Add avocado to any entree $1.25 


Sweet Potato Fries handcut local organic sweet potatoes served with housemade organic ketchup (no sugar added – sweetened with organic raisins!) $4.00 {GF}

Kale Salad massaged local kale, organic tahini-maple dressing, candied organic sunflower seeds $3.50 {GF}


Agua Fresca local fruit infused spring water {sugar free!} $2 {GF}

Lavender Lemonade local lavender, organic lemon juice, organic agave nectar, spring water $4.00 {GF}


*only available Saturdays at the Urban Harvest Farmers Market

Avocado Toast local whole grain sourdough flax seed toast, mashed avocado, sun-dried tomato pesto, local tomatoes, red chili flake $9.25

Orchard’s Delight  local peaches, cashew ‘mozzarella’, housemade orange marmalade, fresh basil on local sourdough bread grilled with coconut oil  $7 

Chilaquiles  smoked + pulled jackfruit sauteed with housemade salsa verde, poblano peppers, red onion & spinach, served over crispy housemade corn chips with cashew ‘crema’, red onion and roasted corn and creamy black beans  $10 {GF}

Bandito Burrito flour tortilla stuffed with  black and red kidney beans, lime organic quinoa, sauteed spinach + bell peppers, and organic tofu ‘scramble’, smothered in spicy ranchero sauce and cashew ‘crema’ $9.25

Fresh Start Parfait housemade mango-coconut yogurt with housemade omega-3 rich granola and seasonal fruit $6.50 {GF}

Gluten Free Baked Doughnuts organic brown rice + organic oat flour based baked doughnut – flavors vary   1 for $2.75 /2 for $5 {GF}

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  1. I had the carrot cake doughnut today @ the Urban Harvest Farmers Market & it was AMAZING!!!! Cannot wait to try the bandito burrito next weekend!

  2. Thanks so much for bringing delicious, plant based food to NASA! I had the Beet Falafel, Kale salad and Lavender Lemonade. They all were very delicious!

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